Jan 19 2019 / Design and Composition Workshop Jan 19

Design and Composition Workshop - Jan 19 - Learn classic techniques from master artists for composing your representational and abstract…

Feb 09 2019 / Color, Light & Shadow Workshop Feb 9

Color, Light & Shadow Workshop - Feb 9 - Create dynamic paintings with vibrant color harmonies, and interesting combinations of…

Mar 16 2019 / Advance Color for Painters Workshop Mar 16

Advanced Color for Painters - Mar 16 - Learn sophisticated color combinations of the exciting chromatic world of the modernists,…

American Contemporary Artist / Landscape and Figurative Painting / Richmond, VA USA

Aaron Bowles is an American contemporary artist from Richmond, Virginia. His painting is figurative in nature with images of dreams, mythology, and relationships. His landscape art is colorful, and includes paintings of the river region (the “Rivah”), the Shenandoah Valley, and Virginia Beach. His forests, trees, fields and mountain scenes resonate with emotion while his sailing and sailboat paintings capture the wind and water, the excitement of the ocean and Chesapeake Bay.