In the Garden 2

This painting incorporates several ideas about color and value and the integration of the figure into an abstract background that I have been grappling with lately. It is the first painting where I was able to have a sense of light within an abstract field. The flora and fauna shapes that she is placed within were painted in a lighthearted way, something I have been working toward.

Eden I – 40×60″ Acrylic Painting on Wood Panel

This painting came from a dream about the relationship between a man and a woman and the potentially perilous circumstances we find ourselves in these days. I had been painting pictures of men and women before this, but had not situated them in a garden…which leads quickly to “Eden”. But the original dream was simply a garden, a place of wonder and fascination, of whimsy and creatures alive and moving and interested in us.

The idea of an everyman and woman has been with me for a long time. The colors are reflective of their personalities, and their relationship is implied in the stances and positions within the work.

Painted on a panel that is 1.5″ deep. The edges are painted in a dark slate color, not shown in photos below.

Eden I, 60×40 Acrylic

Eden I, Detail

The River Wide – 30×80″ Acrylic Painting on Panel

This is a scene from shore at the river near my home. The river can be mercurial, and sometimes the light on the river will compel you to suddenly stop and look in wonder.

Painted on a panel that is 1.5 deep. The edges are finished, painted in a matching color; the back is wired, and ready to hang!

Each painting is created by hand in my studio, and shipped from Richmond, VA.