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Eden I – 40×60″ Acrylic Painting on Wood Panel

This painting came from a dream about the relationship between a man and a woman and the potentially perilous circumstances we find ourselves in these days. I had been painting pictures of men and women before this, but had not situated them in a garden…which leads quickly to “Eden”. But the original dream was simply a garden, a place of wonder and fascination, of whimsy and creatures alive and moving and interested in us.

The idea of an everyman and woman has been with me for a long time. The colors are reflective of their personalities, and their relationship is implied in the stances and positions within the work.

Painted on a panel that is 1.5″ deep. The edges are painted in a dark slate color, not shown in photos below.

Eden I, 60×40 Acrylic
Eden I, Detail

Landscape 2

The Yellow Wave, 16X12‚ Oil Painting

From Church Hill, 41 x 26, Oil Painting

Waiting, 24 x 36, Oil Painting,

Fog on the Mountain from the Valley, 18 x 24‚ Oil Painting

Seven Trees by the River, 12×16, Oil Painting

Leaves And River, 24×36, Oil Painting

Mt. Landing Creek, Sundown, 24×30‚ Oil Painting

Light Over the Valley, 8×11‚ Oil Painting

Carter”s Creek Sailboat, 13×10.25‚ Oil Painting

The Cup of Light Canal, 18 x 24, Oil Painting

Vineyard in Northern Neck, 11×14, Framed Oil Painting

The Woman from Naples

This is typical of recent work and my interest in painting people integrated with abstraction. It is painted in acrylic on cardboard. I am trying to capture the thoughts and feelings of the person portrayed, so the abstract environment is a reflection of their inner life.

Painting every day

Maintaining concentration day to day is a wonderful thing. Being able to work on a piece with some continuity leads to more rapid growth. I think the work is getting better and deeper in meaning, and am thankful for the opportunity to paint so much.