Commission an Artwork

Commissions welcomed. Get the pricing, size, and color you need.
Many times homeowners and designers would prefer a custom work of art that compliments the aesthetics of a room. Whether you desire a dynamic statement piece or a smaller side piece of art, I can create the perfect artwork for that space.

Aaron Bowles, Juggler and Drone, 24×24, Mixed Media

I play well with others, including professionals.
If you’re an art consultant, interior designer, architect or anyone who is placing art in a corporate or home environment, please know that flexible pricing ensures your clients get the artwork they really want.

I am the perfect artist partner.
I enjoy collaboration and discussing the requirements for your projects. When you need a specific work, based on color and size or theme, knowing that your artist partner will happily create work for you based on your recommendations makes your job much easier. And conversely, if you need ideas, I’m your man. I am a former creative director and illustrator…coming up with creative ideas is my stock in trade. Let’s work together.

Quick turnaround.
Since turnaround times are often short, you should know that I can create artwork rapidly, and will paint a custom piece and consign it to you, to ensure the work is exactly right for the project. My background as a commercial illustrator has provided ample experience to meet tight deadlines with quality work.

Art on hand.
Your art presentations to clients are critical to the process of developing an art program. You may wish to keep a PDF high-resolution portfolio of my pieces that you can regularly show as appointments come up (just ask). And you may wish to have a few original artworks on consignment available to you when these short deadlines occur so the client can see surface and finish characteristics.