AaronBowles-BreezyDay-30x40Oil angle
AaronBowles-BreezyDay-30x40Oil angle

All of my paintings are created from scratch in my studio from organic materials used by artists for generations, yet each is a contemporary work of art.

I use artists’ studio quality canvas in 72″ wide rolls and cut a piece of canvas to size. For each painting, I first stretch and staple the canvas onto a wooden board. This holds the canvas taut and provides a stable surface upon which to paint with a variety of markmaking tools.

Every canvas is then gessoed and sanded, then tinted with one more coating of the base color.

AaronBowles-7TreesbyRiver-OilCanvas12x16-side view
AaronBowles-7TreesbyRiver-OilCanvas12x16-side view

Hand Built Stretchers

Once the painting is completed and dried, I remove the canvas from the backing board, and stretch it onto a hand-made stretcher. I craft each stretcher from 1×2″ pine wood lengths; the actual depth is 1.5″. I then mitre cut each “stick”, and glue and nail the corners. The glue is simple, non-toxic Elmer’s carpenter’s glue. All stretchers have glued and nailed corner braces and larger stretchers have either one or two cross braces. This ensures structural integrity and minimizes warping.  The fascia of each stretcher is perfectly smooth and the corners are planed and sanded.

Gallery Wrapped, Ready to Hang

The finished canvas is gallery wrapped and stapled on the back, so that either the painted image wraps around the edges, or the edges are painted with a complimentary dark color found in the painting. Canvas corners are hand-cut and tucked in, and glued for a custom finish. I then attach hanging wire and label the painting with the date and title on the back. If sufficient time has elapsed since completion, the painting will be varnished before shipping. For varnishing details see this page.

Your painting is an original, finished, ready-to-hang art object suitable for any environment, one that I hope you will be proud of and pass on to your heirs to be enjoyed for multiple generations.

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