Contemporary Painting Individual Tutoring


4 sessions at $40 per session. Sessions are 1 hour each. Weekly meetings on your schedule.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in having a tutoring plan set up, you may purchase the 4-session package here. If you have questions, please let me know at or 804-551-2090. Hands-on painting instruction/critiques at my fully equipped studio.

Minimum purchase 4 sessions.

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All levels welcome: beginners to advanced painters. Each artist is at a different point in their development. Therefore, any coaching or advice needs to take into account the experiences and background of the individual artist. Some people need or want to focus on technique, others want to learn more about ideas and personal motifs. And everyone needs individual, custom feedback that promotes growth and progress within the framework of a “safe space”, where the only criteria is a positive learning experience.

Students may focus on representational or more abstract painting. Each student will paint in oil and/or acrylic paint, either as realism or abstraction –or a mix of both! Students are encouraged to build on their strengths, and to find personally important subject matter.

Plenty of discussion and answers to your questions. Demos, critiques, individual attention. All levels. A straightforward method for making contemporary art, based on your personal viewpoint of the world. All new students receive free PDF booklet. This booklet outlines Aaron’s painting methods, frequently used terms and concepts, and includes a complete supply list and detailed instructions on the selection of painting surfaces, brushes and tools, emailed to all registered students.