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Picasso and Renoir

I just came across these two paintings. The similarity is striking. This is an interesting pose, one that I may try soon…it is both a complex bit of drawing to get right, and intimate.

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The Density of Experience and Joy

The density of experience causes time to speed up. So that the brain and the heart, in the emotional sense, must react more adroitly. Multiple stimuli, while fascinating, increase stress – both good and bad – as the body and the brain alternate between fascination and wariness.

So therefore being in the jungle of our life with its multiple requirements of responding to stimuli is a little bit like being on the old market streets of Hong Kong, joyous and maybe a little stressful, yet none of us would want it to be any other way.

Except when we go to the ocean, and stand on a lonely beach, and are swept away in the power and simplicity of the sea.

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