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THIS FRAGILE EARTH SHOW with several of my recent works is on view at Firehouse Theatre, Richmond Virginia from Mar 19th through Apr 18.

20×20 SHOW at Artworks Gallery, Manchester neighborhood of Richmond, VA is on view until Mar 21. The Metropolitan Richmond Artists’ Association, (MRAA) is holding a unique exhibition for Winter, 2020.  The above work is in this show. We are showing twenty works in a 20×20″ size, in a small gallery venue, at Artworks in Manchester. Each artist was challenged to make a single work of art in this specific square format. This handsome show is in the Center Gallery, to the left as you enter the main Artworks hall.

DESIRE SHOW, opens FEB. 15th at STRAVITZ ART GALLERY, VIRGINIA BEACH. I have 6 pieces in this show.


1 hour individualized coaching and critique sessions.
$45 per session, minimum 4 sessions, $180 total.
Coaching sessions in Aaron’s studio in the Scott’s Addition area of Richmond.

Learn basic techniques about seeing, breaking down a scene into manageable elements, and make a successful painting using what you learn about light, composition, color selection and mixing, and mark making.

Then go farther…learn more about how to delve deep into yourself to come up with personal, original ideas, and develop those ideas into a complete visual statement, using a logical process, in these personalized tutoring sessions.

All levels welcome: beginners to advanced painters.

Each artist is at a different point in their development. Therefore, any coaching or advice needs to take into account the experiences and background of the individual artist. Some people need or want to focus on technique, others want to learn more about ideas and personal motifs. And everyone needs individual, custom feedback that promotes growth and progress within the framework of a “safe space”, where the only criteria is a positive learning experience.

Students may focus on representational or more abstract painting.

Phone 804.551.2090

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Various workshops and shorter demos are available to arts organizations on painting, including Light and Shadow, Advanced Color for Painters, Introduction to Acrylic Painting, and more.

All workshops include complete marketing materials with messaging text, workshop logo, marketing flyer and suggested social media panels.  If you are interested in having Aaron present one or a series of workshops, and to find out more, please contact him here.

What people say about the workshops:

The very best workshop and demo, and a fabulous slide show of art history focusing on technique. I loved it!

Very informative…very useful!

Very interesting for a non-artist. A GOOD Saturday!

Thanks for the history and many suggestions!

Excellent demo! Good explanation of everything. Thank you.

Great day! Thanks!

You packed a lot of information into a two hour demo!


Aaron presents slide lectures for art organizations, galleries and schools. These have been very well received, and serve to inform, delight, and drive traffic to your venue, as an adjunct to your other educational efforts. Each 45-60 minute session includes anecdotes about the artists, and personal details of their lives and painting methods. All lectures include complete marketing materials with messaging text, lecture logo, marketing flyer and suggested social media panels.  If you are interested in having Aaron present one or a series of lectures, and to find out more, please contact him here.

Previous series have included:

American Impressionism – As the artwork of the French Impressionists began to be transported to the United States in the late nineteenth century, interest in the new painting style exploded, and a generation of American painters made the pilgrimage to study in Europe. When they returned, these artists found a ready market among the newly wealthy Victorians who embraced the light-filled, colorful images in their homes. – 7 sessions.

Art Since 2000 – Increasingly conceptual, ephemeral and colorful, often curiously outrageous, contemporary art leaves many scratching their heads in bewilderment. However you take your art, with a dose of awe or incredulity, explore what’s new and fascinating in contemporary art since the year 2000. Survey of the latest contemporary art, including environmental sculpture, installations, interactive, IA, digital and robotic, abstract and realistic painting, glass, ceramics. – 4 sessions

When Everything Changed – Examines significant milestones in 19th and early 20th century art history. There are intersections of time when artistic precedents, technologies, prevailing social moods, and talented personalities converge in the same place to make something new happen, something unique and historic. We look at five of these moments; the invention of Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism, Modern Abstraction, and Conceptual Art…when everything changed.

Other potential topics: Golden Age of American Illustration. American Modernism.

Let’s design a presentation specifically for your group!

Aaron Bowles is an American contemporary artist from Richmond, Virginia. His painting is figurative in nature with images of dreams, mythology, and relationships. His landscape art is colorful, and includes paintings of the river region (the “Rivah”), the Shenandoah Valley, and Virginia Beach. His forests, trees, fields and mountain scenes resonate with emotion while his sailing and sailboat paintings capture the wind and water, the excitement of the ocean and Chesapeake Bay.