Things don’t always go right, but something DID change.

It’s not that things don’t always go as planned, because if one is experimenting, trying a new path, such as a new palette or a different composition, then the only plan, the only thing one is aiming to do, is to answer that familiar question, time after time, “what if?”.

And things don’t always go right. The colors clash, or the particular mix of orange just lies there, soaking up light, lifeless, just deadly to the rest of the painting. Or the composition is flat, predictable and no jiggering with it will ever make it work. But again there may be parts of the painting that do work. This is some of the beauty of abstraction. Maybe you can save those parts, work into the existing composition, place the right complement color on the painting that will make that orange just sing. Of course that is also true of representational painting.

And true of life. There is a fix, just keep plugging away. And if you find, like me, that you have to scrape a large bit of it down, re-gesso and begin again, that too is change, the very thing that we are using as a means to learn where the beauty is.

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