This Fragile Earth

At this juncture in human history, a recognition of the overwhelming problem facing our species seems inevitable. Each of us has a personal connection with this Earth. She nourishes and sustains us, yet is dependent upon us for her caretaking. This work makes us aware of the beauty and fragility of our world. And provides inspiration for you to make a difference.

The techniques to express the complexity of this visual world evolved from an interest in impressionism, that eventually transitioned to modernism, and is now contemporary abstraction.

Abstract representative improvisation, a term at the intersection of an arranged eloquence and expressionism, enables us to construct dream worlds that are self-aware, and conscious of the external cumulative influences of all the myriad artistic occurrences that precede and are concurrent with our present reality. Our purview includes the use of internal dreams, landscapes, contemporary events, mythologies, and widely disparate textures and surfaces with which to depict our visions.

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